Monday, November 19, 2007

three minutes till wake up!

ahhh... the nap.... & hoping that he never gets too old for it!

well, insulation, sheetrock, AND paint have happened, and I have moved maybe half of my loot from the house out to the "studio" (yippie!). it is looking pretty lovely, and I can't even image how much I will love it when there is a cozy floor, a chair, and all the special things I've been saving for the "someday when I have a grown-up space".

the holidays are insane- I am 95% sold out of all my stock - holiday items included, and with No Coast rapidly approaching, this is not good! we've also got Thanksgiving, two big kid birthdays in december, christmas, two custom orders, and of course I should already have VALENTINE'S DAY cards ready, for pete's sake!

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